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From Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #4 (1996) an Elseworlds

Post-reveal, I realized that the artist had been giving me clues all along. These are all shots of Batman before we know it’s Dick.

Look at all those butt shots. That is such a “we-are-drawing-Dick-Grayson” thing to do.

Plus, look at how elegantly Batman flies away on his rope. Very Dick Grayson.

I shoulda knowed : )

Time to reblog this sexy.



Masterpost including 99.99% of Dick’s appearances as Batman. Some of the featured arcs\series are not complete, since the links provided include solely the issues where Dick is featured as Batman. The missing .01% are mentions and/or flashbacks. All of the links provided there were uploaded by me, so feel free to warn me if any of the links are broken. (ノ゚0゚)ノ~

Batman: Prodigal (1994) (complete);

  •  First time Dick shows up as Batman - While the Bruce Wayne reexamines his role as Gotham City’s protector, Dick Grayson, the hero known as Nightwing, takes his place as Batman.

Batman Main titles (as of 2009);

Batfam Titles

Justice League:

  • JLA #41-60
  • Justice League: Cry for Justice #2, #3
  • Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1, #2, #3


After reading, if you enjoy a story, if you have the resources, you can buy the comics at Midtown Comics, The Book Depository for free shipping, Archonia or you can try and help your local comic shop!



I got this a while ago when I did a Top 5 meme, and … tbh, at first I thought it’d be hard. I mean, Bruce is not exactly famous for his compliments, and even if he might think that Dick is the best person EV0R, he doesn’t really say so that often. 

As soon as I started looking through my comics and panels, though, I actually ended up with a lot, including some favorite moments! And I also remembered how, much like with Clark, Bruce has the habit of waxing poetically about Dick whenever Dick is not within earshot. So I’m doing this in two installments, a) Compliments that Bruce gives Dick to his face, and b) Bruce complimenting Dick when he’s not looking. XD

Have fun, and please feel free to add your own favorite moments, as there are more! :D

5 Compliments that Bruce gives Dick to his face

5.) “You still are saving me, every day.”


Comic: Batman #11

This would be higher up if it didn’t come right on the heels of that dumbass punch, which, meh. It’s still a nice moment, though, and a nice acknowledgement by Bruce. (Of course, right after this, a DC executive busted through Scott Snyder’s door and sprayed him with cold water, screaming “Dude, are you outta your mind?! GAYYYYYYY!”, and things haven’t been the same since.)

4.) “You make me proud.”/”You’ve got a handle of things down here.”



These would also rank higher if I had actually read these comics and knew more about the context, which I sadly don’t. Both of these scenes are very lovely, and the real star here is Dick’s reaction. Aww, look at his faaace! (And Bruce’s leetle smiles uWu;;)

3.) “Not with your … finesse.”



Comic: Robin Year One

I’m not really a big fan of Robin: Year One, because I have 99 problems with how Chuck Dixon writes Bruce and Dick’s relationship (and Dick and Babs’ relationship. And …). But I like how Batman, who is quite reserved in this comic, can’t help but be super impressed by Robin’s skill and talent. It’s a sweet moment in a comic that’s not full of them.

2.) “To me, they’re beautiful.”


Batman compliments Robin’s punning prowess. I would be a filthy liar if I didn’t put this near the top of my list, I love this. XD It may be sincere, it may be tongue-in-cheek, it’s probably both, but you can tell that it makes Bruce so happy to see Dick do his thing.

And my personal number one favorite compliment from Bruce to Dick iiis …

1.) “You never let me down, did you?”


Comic: Batman RIP

I don’t know why this simple acknowledgement, worded as a question, affects me so much, but it does. Maybe it’s because this is one of my favorite comics in general. Maybe it’s because both Bruce and Dick have previously went through hell in this story to get to each other. It could also be because Bruce is still in the process of regaining his memories, and it’s as if it’s coming back to him how much he can trust Dick as he sees him.

There is something about the simplicity of this line that simply gets me. Grant Morrison always understood how to write Bruce and Dick as partners who are really close and who truly rely on and trust each other, and it’s both in this line, and in Dick’s retort where he tells Bruce he looks like shit. XD

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